“Floating Dreams”

Submitted by Deanne Sabeck


Client: Private

Location: San Diego, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Deanne Sabeck

Deanne Sabeck Studios

interior designer

Beverly Feldman

Urban Transformations


Suspended bent glass elements with dichroic glass mosaic and sandblasted patterns playfully and delicately float through the space along the curved windows facing the bay. As the sunlight comes into the space throughout the day the elements light up and reflect brilliant color patterns up on the ceiling and transmitting them onto the floor. Therefore the installation is an ever evolving work of light art. At night, lights above the pieces also provide a source to activate the pieces, however as the direction is completely different, this again provides a totally different effect. There are 14 glass pieces each approximately 2′-4′ in length and app 1′ in width.


The goals were to provide an installation that would add color, be delicate and exciting without blocking the beautiful views of the bay.


The collaboration was a process between the client, the interior designer and myself. We began with the idea of doing a suspended installation that would light up when activated by a light source. After several design models, the three of us settled on the 14 pieces that were eventually installed. We actually started with 7 and it just kept growing!

Additional Information

As the client is an aerospace engineer, creating the feeling of flight was the focus.