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Floating Cloud

Submitted by Hans Feyerabend

Client: Town of Miami Lakes

Location: Miami Lakes, FL, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $11,900

Project Team

Industry Resource

CR Metal

CR Metal


City of Miami Lakes Youth Center – Breezeway Entrance; A colorful suspended sculpture is floating through the breezeway. Its oval shape fills the space and offers different views from different angles: the installation of the panels follows the main direction of the breezeway, viewed from the activity rooms on its sides they become a 3-dimensional multicolored painting.


Energetic yellow and red hues make the sculpture the center’s visual highlight. During the day sunlight is filtered through the transparent panels onto surrounding walls and floor, at night the effects of it will be dramatically different through the illumination by the up- and down lights already installed.


The sculpture is made of multiple hand colored acrylic glass panels, mounted on lightweight trusses. It measures approximately 8ft x 12ft.

Additional Information

The shape of the sculpture resembles some primitive life form or an alien space ship; its 3-dimensional openness will challenge, inspire, and trigger conversations. The breezeway marks the functional intersection of the Youth Center, the sculpture literally embodies the nickname “spot” in its center.