Flight Path - CODAworx

Flight Path

Client: Broward County Cultural Division – Everglades Holiday Park

Location: Broward County, FL, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $190,000

Project Team

Designers + fabricators

Jeffrey Reed + Jennifer Madden

Reed Madden Designs

3D rendering and fabrication contributor

Nick Doerschlag


To honor the Everglade’s rich bird life, a 12-foot “white egret” is just taking flight overlooking the glades. On the ground plane are 20 important bird species in life-size silhouettes and an educational plaque describing each bird. The path is a visually compelling teaching tool and fun identification game for kids of all ages. Concrete rocks form a natural place to sit in the shade under the canopy of the large egret’s wings.


The artists had two primary goals. One was to go beyond the park's alligator image and enhance visitors knowledge of the birds in the area; and second, to provide a place for a family to sit in the shade while looking out over the water.


The artists worked with Broward County and the group involved in renovating the Everglades Holiday Park. Naturalists were consulted on the bird selection for the area. Individual stainless steel pieces were laser cut, sanded, welded and finished in the artists' shop. Over 6,000 "feathers" of differing sizes and shapes were used.