Client: Private Airport

Location: Fort Wayne, IN, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Robert Barnum


FLIGHT OF LEAVES is an interior mural under my Metal Mural design. FLIGHT OF LEAVES is on a wall in the atrium area of an elegant private airport in Indiana. FLIGHT OF LEAVES can be viewed at a considerable distance through large glass windows facing the airports runways. FLIGHT OF LEAVES is my creative interpretation of flying or flight. 6000 series aluminum when properly ground and buffed has an elegant almost jewel like quality especially when carefully lit with directional lighting. The multiple layers add a convincing real world depth in a flat plate metal build.


FLIGHT OF LEAVES offers an elegant and compelling interpretation of flying or flight. The goal was to create a large-scale jewel like presence in an airport sculptural statement that could be viewed at a considerable distance. FLIGHT OF LEAVES in most weather can be viewed as soon as passengers depart the private jets and planes the airport is designed for. The 3 to 4 relief layers that define the three dimensional quality of this metal mural are carefully scaled and stepped back to create the convincing illusion of a sculpture in the round. The elegant way cast shadows and glittering light dance in and through the FLIGHT of LEAVES, sculpture is as compelling as the formal visual order of the Metal Mural is. FLIGHT OF LEAVES is designed to come apart in manageable pcs should the airport support wall or area need remodel or repair. FLIGHT OF LEAVES is fabricated with a hinge /drop bolt design for installing or reinstalling the Metal Mural. This hinge drop bolt design was invented in my university level academic concept titled Aesthetic Engineering.


FLIGHT OF LEAVES from design to installation was a complex collaboration between a corporate art consultant, the new buildings architects, the corporation’s executive stall and the Fort Wayne museum of Art. This complex design and build was an interesting challenge. A deadline was set early in the original completion to create a statement for the airport atrium area. That deadline needed to correspond with the new buildings public opening. That opening was set in stone since the very start of the process. However once all was said and done from competition to final design I had less than 30 days to build and install FLIGHT OF LEAVES. As note the sculpture. Lighting ETC was installed and ready for public view 3 days before the new airport and its new building was presented to the public.

Additional Information

FLIGHT OF LEAVES needed to be elegant and in creative terms, compelling and thought provoking while suggesting the client’s passion. FLYING!. This multiple layer design needed to be safe, ADA acceptable, extremely strong/durable, sun resistant and as close to maintenance free as possible.