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Heineken Light Your Night Project

Submitted by Juan Carlos Zaldivar

Client: Heineken

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Tanya Bravo


Public Art Agent

Beth Boone

Miami Light Box


Juan Carlos Zaldivar

Phonograph Films LLC


Phosphorescent mural with optional, downloadable or streaming 3D audio soundtrack; Dimensions 8 feet x 8 feet


The project had received a commissioning grant from the space but I wanted to make it larger in scope. The client [Heineken] was interested in incorporating the three colors of the product (white, red and green) into interactive installation art works that would be accessible during their event. The interactive, phosphorescent mural was a perfect solution because it organically included these colors (white LED form phones; green phosphorescent pigments and a red bulb/light that would safely illuminate the space without interfering with the mural's luminescence and brightness.


I was developing an interactive exhibition of phosphorescent painting and video, which included a 3D audio tour of the event space, leading to an abandoned piano. The agency [Geometry.com] and the client [Heineken] loved the project and rented the space for their own Art Basel event and also commissioned me to create an interactive environment using light (I chose to make a phosphorescent mural) to add to their main event space (DJ/Dance floor). The agency hired me because they loved that I was working with light and interaction already, so they were pretty happy and I went to work on making my renderings a reality.

Additional Information

Additional documentation and a sample of the 3D audio landscape can be seen/heard here: *** Please wear headphones to get the 3D audio surround effect https://vimeo.com/81153895 https://vimeo.com/143107673 https://vimeo.com/25725199