"Golden Flag Collection" USA & South Africa - CODAworx

“Golden Flag Collection” USA & South Africa


Location: NEW YORK, NY, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $90,000

Project Team


Sebastien Courty

Sebastien Courty LLC





Every country flag is the pride of the nation and the symbol of unity, freedom and self governance.

Honouring a chosen country, its coat of arms, symbols and meanings the flags are recreated by only using 24k gold and polyurethane thread.

Each flag is composed of several handwoven segments hand-sticked next to one another. Stretched in a black walnut floating frame is made in the USA.


Honoring a country and its history, textiles transcend dimensions where "Design" encounters "Art" in a prospective muse. My vision of "Textile Art" moves fabric-based works beyond the category of woven tapestry into a more conceptual practice that embraces strategies otherwise found in painting, sculpture and architecture. Not limited to fibers, my work encompasses any materials that allow thread-drawing or hand-weaving methods inter alia to invent contemporary textile art.


The commissioner ordered three flags. One of South Africa, "The Rainbow Nation" and two of the United States of America. Once the sizes were selected, we agreed on the technique to be used. The first "US flag" and the "South African flag" were handwoven, hand stitched and hand embroidered. The second "US flag" was created using a technique called thread-drawing which consist in laying and fixing the precious threads next to one another in order to create a 2D visual.