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First Federal Bank – Wall Panels

Submitted by Design Fugitives

Client: First Federal Bank

Location: Brookfield, WI, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Tuan Tran

Design Fugitives


Miguel Ramirez

Design Fugitives

Interior Designer

Nancy Mooney

MSI General Corporation


We created two pieces for First Federal Bank in Brookfield, WI. The first was a large 2-story patterned wall panel system. We used a large v-groove bit to mill the pattern into walnut veneer-faced Appleply. The second was a curved wall with a filtered view between the interior of the bank and the area where tellers interact with patrons using the drive-through created by a series of bronze struts and etched acrylic panels.


First Federal Bank wanted two artful items in the space to bolster their brand identity. For the 2-story wall panels, we abstracted the geometry of the First Federal logo to create a complex series of overlapping angular lines. For the curved wall panel, we drew inspiration from the pattern of the front wall with the First Federal logo incorporated into the composition. The wall provides both a beautiful backdrop and a functional visual separation.


We worked with interior designer Nancy Mooney, currently of MSI General Corporation, on the project. She came to us after seeing some of our work online.

Additional Information

The pattern geometry was generated using Rhinoceros Software with the Grasshopper plug-in.