Fire Fighters - CODAworx

Fire Fighters

Client: City of Fremont

Location: Fremont, CA, United States

Completion date: 1991

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


David Anthony



Fremont Art Commission, City of Fremont

Industry Resource

Hossain Amjedy

Art Consultant

Aristides Demetrios

Industry Resource

Chris & Martin Anthony


I won a competition for this site. This was a percent for the arts project. I cast object on site into the hillside. Pumped 7 sack concrete and fiberglass strands into the bolt together mold via a 2 inch hose coming from a concrete truck parked on the street.


This theme based monolith was designed to express the unity of team work fire fighters experience when fighting fires. Its located in front of the new Fire Station #4. The affordability of Concrete made this scale possible and was the most durable solution. Color on the stucco of the Fire Station inspired a similar look on my sculpture and helped connect it to the overall site.


I presented a to scale plaster model to the Mayor and City Staff during a Council Meeting. Collaborated with City engineers, planning, Parks and Rec. and Art Commission. Fire Department representatives gave the green light and the Mayor himself stamped the Blue Print ready for building.

Additional Information

I want to develop more work in this style for a police station or another municipality. Design came about by working through a process that included 40 small wax models.