Fils de Lumière


Client: Canada Goose Retail, France

Location: Paris, France

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Ed Pien

Waterjet Fabrication

Transformation Eclipse


Ed Pien’s Fils de Lumière floats, tethered by aircraft wire, in the shop’s main window. Made of waterjet cut aluminium, the work depicts organic, crystalline forms, like nostalgic visions of doilies or snowflakes. In fact, each metal swirl is based on the eerie, coral-like shapes of Arctic lichen. These intricate shapes are also evocative of lace.

Additional Information

Ed Pien: While exploring Iceland last summer, I encountered lava fields enlivened by countless varieties of arctic lichen. Celebrated as one of the most ancient of entities living on the planet, each of it's complex structures comprises an alga and two different kinds of fungus. Through this remarkable symbiotic relationship, lichen helped launch and sustain our ecosystem.* Diverse in colour, texture, size, shape, and form, I surmise they inspired the art of lace making. ** Astonishing visual resemblance between lichen and intricate french lace work are exemplified in the book, La Fils de Lin, Lumière de l'Autre that I purchased from the Louvre. The book's name inspired the title of this art work.