Film Noir Ensemble - CODAworx

Film Noir Ensemble

Submitted by Perci Chester


Client: Anderson Center

Location: Red Wing, MN, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Perci Chester


Anderson Center


The twenty-two foot high sculpture is a pair of animated figures, assembled from pieces of an old water tower. Rust and rivets are now coated in intense candy-colored paints, and I am thrilled to see it dance in the sunlight!


Anderson Center Sculpture Garden offered me this temporary exhibition opportunity.


The raw material for the towering forms originated on the roof of the Minneapolis building where I have had my art studio for many years. During renovations in the 1990s, the building’s steel water tower was cut into pieces for removal, bound for the scrap yard. I loved the rivets and worn texture of the metal so I purchased all the pieces. In 2006, after ten years in storage in a friend’s barn, I created these new figures, inspired in part by a small bronze sculpture I made years ago. Upon completion, the two were moved into storage in another friend’s barn until this spring when the Anderson Center offered me this exhibition opportunity.