Field - CODAworx


Submitted by Anne Tracht

Client: Morris, Manning and Martin

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Stephen Digiacomo


Art Consultant

Anne Lambert Tracht

ConsultArt Inc.


Danielle Roney


How we navigate the world individually and collectively unfolds in a rhythm of fluid movements, not unlike swarming patterns in nature. These migrations are reflected in “Field” through the celestial embodiment of order and chaos. In this site-specific sculpture, Roney utilizes the swarming flow of algorithmic flocking patterns to respond to the spatial interaction of the pedestrian corridors. The spherical formation is in a constant state of change, collecting in the center, while external forces concurrently disperse particles in multiple directions. Through the vacuum of instability, past, present and future movements are simultaneously frozen in a state of graceful uncertainty.


The design for the new office space always had a location for a big sculpture in the main reception. The client, Morris, Manning & Martin, wanted a unique piece of art that would be a signature work representing the forward momentum of the firm. ConsultArt began the process of looking at possible sculptors but nothing seemed quite right. The interior designer, Stephen Digiacomo, had the idea to do a piece of art that hung from the ceiling. This concept opened a flood of ideas and the Art Consultant, Anne Lambert Tracht, immediately knew which artists to call. Danielle Roney submitted a proposal for this breathtaking sculpture which was not only exquisitely beautiful and unique but it also represented the kind of forward thinking that the firm wanted to convey about their business.


The design, execution and preparation for the sculpture had to be extremely precise before the piece was even produced. Danielle Roney and her team worked hand in hand with the designers at Gensler and the construction team at HITT to ensure that the ceiling was properly prepared, leveled and positioned so that the piece hung in precisely the right location. This hard work and preplanning by all parties made the installation process smooth and pain free.

Additional Information

The sculpture "Field" contains more than 9000 custom, hollow stainless steel spheres. Designed with 3d modeling software, over 200 rows organized the bead patterns into the predetermined form. The artist hand knotted each bead into place over a series of months. The site-specific piece was designed in 7 sections in order to be transported from the artist’s studio and reassembled at the Morris, Manning and Martin location.