Fibonacci Chimes - CODAworx

Fibonacci Chimes

Submitted by Interactive Media Arts

Client: State of Wisconsin

Location: Madison, WI, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $225,000

Project Team


Kevin Dobbe

Interactive Media Arts


Wisconsin Institues for Discovery: Debbie Edge

University of Wisconsin Madison


Fibonacci Chimes is a permanent installation for the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery located at the University of Wisconsin Madison as a Wisconsin Percent for Art commission. The work is located in 3 main areas: (1) 3 Interior Interactive Water Features, (2) Exterior Interactive Sound Sculpture, and (3) Exterior Interactive Water Feature. The installations are interactive in that the light and sound media changes relative to the location and motion over the granite foot-stones at each of the artworks.


The central goal of this project was to literally demonstrate the interconnection between science and art. The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery is a multi-disciplinary educational research facility funded by the citizens of Wisconsin and private corporations. The design of the artwork was conceived with the architectural formation. The 3 interior water features, exterior water feature, and large walking porch were all connected together with the theme of the Fibonacci sequence.

Motion and location of the viewers of the spaces create music and light sequence patterns based upon the sequence. The works were designed to intrigue and involve the first time and repeat viewer of the 5 interactive installations. The works create a calming ambience to a brilliant space where consideration seemly non-connected concepts are explored and pondered.


The primary stakeholders were activity involved with the artist to develop a dynamic artwork that expressed the function of the facility; to sonically and visually represent the interconnection of science and art.

The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery (WID) facility representatives, architectural design team, and the Wisconsin Percent for Arts representative, met regularly with the artist to develop an interconnected series of works that expressed the spirit of the facility. The works are interactive in that they produce both aesthetic and scientific patterns that create a sense of wonder and action. The works are representative of the space: nothing happens until interaction occurs. The work is an expression of the wonder, investigation and actions of those who inhabit the WID community.

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