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Luminosa Glass Chandelier


Client: Waterfront Marriott Seattle

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $18,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Degen & Degen Architecture & Interior Design

Degen & Degen Architecture & Interior Design


Julie Conway

ILLUMINATA art glass design


David Dolquist

Marriott Hotel Waterfront Seattle


Marriott Hotel Waterfront Seattle

Marriott Hotel Waterfront Seattle


Luminosa Chandelier installed at the Seattle Waterfront Marriott Hotel is a modern take on the traditional crystal chandelier where cut crystals were used to refract and reflect light. The large blown glass “crystals” are coated with silver leaf foil that is burnished in the heat. Light refracts through the glass and creates surrounding patterns of light and shadow across the ceiling. The art of glassmaking is based on perfection, and timing to create the elegant fusion of glass and color while manipulating the molten material at 2100F


The partners of Marriott Hotel and designers of Degen & Degen Architecture & Design, desired a powerful and modern chandelier in their newly renovated executive conference room that set a tone of warmth and strength for their clients and visitors. The The result is a unique, art-glass lighting installation that provided light and interesting architectural elements in a space usually made for business conversations. Using my skills as a designer to integrate the clients’ desires, with the needs of the space with artistic influence is the joy of my business. The most wonderful part of this process has been that the partners trusted me, as the artist to provide my best glasswork with my skills and design concepts, and they completely enjoyed the end result. The Executive Conference Boardroom chandelier also coordinates with 19 glass sconces in the Ballroom. The clients are so pleased with the results and feedback from their visitors, they plan to commission Julie to create new glassworks for the Lobby.


The collaborative process of design was exciting when the designers presented me with samples of all of the finishes to be used in the hotel. Waterfront Marriott in Seattle has a theme of sea and water elements without being too literal. I was able to offer designs for both the Ballroom and Executive Conference Room that had opulent precious metals in the glass and a feeling of objects related to the sea. The clients and the designers were involved my design process which also included studio visits and watching live glassblowing. They are now educated in the complicated process of the work and appreciate it so much more. During their reveal, they showed a slide show of glassblowing in the conference room. Very exciting for both client and custom artist to work together and create a relationship.

Additional Information

Julie Conway uses her skills as a glassmaker and lighting designer to interpret the custom requests of clients in a wide variety of spaces, using light and glass to make an experiential focal point of functional art the space. Integrating color schemes, furnishings and texture patterns is her forte. Building on a theme of Waterfront, her creative process results in something unique for the Marriott Hotel, while allowing their contribution to become part of the final product. Custom UL- Listed wiring is included for certified installation and inspection. Energy-efficient LED’s are available.