Ferring Pharmaceuticals - CODAworx

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Client: Ferring Pharmaceuticals Group

Location: Parsippany, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Michael Curry

Michael Curry Mosaics

Art Consultant

Shella Robinson

Art Consultants Group


As Ferring Pharmacueticals was nearing completion of its state of the art U.S. Operations Center in Parsippany NJ, Art Consultants Group was hired to put together an extensive art package for the 136,650 square foot facility. As part of that package, I was commissioned to create 4 large mosaic wall sculptures for various locations of the site.


This enormous facility presented an incredible opportunity for artwork with its vast white walls. The locations chosen for my work were all long, horizontal canvases, and in one case, a staircase wall with a fairly sharp curve. The main goal was to create works that would engage viewers and tell a story as they walk along. I approached this with a transformation theme. One of the pieces is a 15' long mosaic that is gold from side, blue from the other, and green when viewed head on. The color transformation is achieved through the use of silvered water glass and a triangular canvas which allows the glass to reflect itself. This concept was repeated with two other pieces, one in red/orange/gold, and the other in blue/aqua/green. The fourth piece is in keeping with the transformation theme as a triptych that changes direction of the design in the mid-panel.


This collaboration was a two step process. Initially, I was commissioned to create two mosaics as part of a diverse and beautifully curated package. The timeline was tight as the installations needed to be completed in time for the ribbon cutting ceremony. However, after the official opening, the consensus was that the collection needed to expanded, and more works were needed. The response to the two mosaic wall sculptures was excellent and so the client not only requested that one of the mosaics be extended further down the hallway, but commissioned two new pieces as well. This led to a meeting in my studio with the curator, along with a Ferring human resources executive to discuss possibilities. Together we worked to determine the ideal designs/dimensions, color palettes, and materials, and after a two month production, the additional pieces were completed, shipped, and installed.