Fenton Art Wall - CODAworx

Fenton Art Wall

Submitted by Digital Ambiance

Client: Heinz

Location: Fenton, NC, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Creative Director

Robb Pope

Digital Ambiance


Ansen Seal




Digital Ambiance worked in collaboration with artist Ansen Seal for the developer Hines on the Fenton project. We worked with Ansen to manifest the concept, design the interactive content, and engineer the system from the project’s inception to its successful installation. Our team of engineers and artists designed, managed, and created content for the piece throughout most of 2022. We developed a design and layout for the LED elements, and custom software to allow interactivity and light patterns to follow the motion of people walking through the pedestrian underpass. With Ansen’s input and aesthetic guidance and our creative and technical direction, we created custom light patterns that flow across the display. In February of 2023, we arrived in Raleigh to assemble the hardware elements, finalize the software, and commission the installation.


The goals were to synthesize the art, technical design, and development intent to deliver a seamless interactive work that brings an otherwise transient space to life. The integration of elements was essential to the success of the work as is the nature of a work that's both collaboratively made and interactive for viewers.