Fences - CODAworx

Client: Scottsdale Arts, Canal Convergence

Location: Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Commissioning Organization

Scottsdale Arts

Metal Fabrication

North Standard


Fences is an interactive light installation where patterns are generated by foot traffic along a 7ft tall, 72ft long, custom LED display. The piece creates lighting effects through color, shape and brightness across almost 9,000 individually controlled LEDs. These generative patterns, which track a viewer’s position and movement, layer over each other allowing each visitor to leave their mark on the space.


Fences was commissioned by Scottsdale Arts for the 2020 edition of Canal Convergence. The installation design was based on the site, alongside the canal walking path, where viewers would move along and present a view form a variety of angles and distances.

Additional Information

As viewers walk along the path, video tracking creates patterns that are displayed alongside them. Tracking data from the previous participant interacts with the next viewer; in this way, each guest will leave their own mark on the installation. Over time, the interactions layer to create new generative patterns that visualize both the current viewers and the history of all those who have visited the space.