FC "Kolos" - CODAworx

FC “Kolos”

Client: FС KOLOS

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $520,000

Project Team

Igor Velikiy


Igor Muhin



In an artistic homage to the spirit of FC Kolos, our team at DION has meticulously designed a custom centerpiece: a sheaf of wheat elegantly cradling a football, sculpted from gleaming brass and soaring to a height of 4.5 meters. Our installation stands as a testament to the club’s values and vigor. It anchors the space with its symbolic presence.

Encircling this central spectacle, we’ve placed six installations, each crafted with precision from stainless steel. These auxiliary pieces, bathed in a coat of automotive paint in a rich golden hue and finished with a high-gloss multi-layer varnish, measure 5 feet in height and width. Together, they create a harmonious ensemble that enhances the fountain area, reflecting DION’s ability to merge artistry with the essence of sporting passion.


The owner wanted DION to create a fountain with branded art installations near his football stadium.

Additional Information

The term for creating the installation was 5 months.