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Fashion pop-up pavilion

Submitted by Jungwoo Ji

Client: Iowa State University Fashion Show

Location: Ames, IA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Jungwoo Ji

EUS+ Architects


Han Kwon


Bohyun Chang


Suk Lee


When the Iowa State University Department of Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management sought a fresh new element for its popular, student-run Fashion Show, organizers turned to an architecture faculty member for help designing and building its first-ever pop-up store.
They asked Ji to develop an inexpensive but eye-catching temporary structure to house the pop-up shop, which would house recycled clothing for purchase, free refreshments and stylists offering free hair, nail and makeup services.


“The whole point of a pop-up shop is for it to be an experience. So there will be a lot of different sensory elements.”“Pop-up shops are very new in the industry and we’re trying to expand The Fashion Show to show that we are just as on-trend as everything else that’s happening in the industry on the east and west coast,” “We are not only promoting The Fashion Show with our pop-up shop, we’re promoting a lot of Ames businesses and that’s helping them come on to campus and get their name out there, as well.”


From 2015 January, architecture students worked with me on a design concept based on using everyday materials in an unusual way. In practical terms, the materials were chosen both for their ability to withstand weather and to fit within the $5,000 budget. The goal was to find a balance between functionality, aesthetics, cost and transportability.

It was unique to figure out how to put everything together so that it will actually stand against wind. Coming up with the right size so that transportation could be easily done and trying to cut down the cost so that we could create the most efficient structure was a big part of the project. We also designed the 15-foot-by-60-foot pavilion structure, in sections so that it could be more easily moved, installed and stored. We had to make something that was going to be flexible and that we could move under a time constraint which is just one night for setting up at the site and a half day for re-installing at another site.

Additional Information

Everyday materials, unusual use and fundamental technology A design concept based on using everyday materials in an unusual way. They settled on timber framing clad with white plastic laundry baskets, “a basic tool which is related to clothing as well as a shape similar to a thimble, a basic tool of the fashion industry,” The overall design motif was from greenhouse which is seen everywhere in the University campus, a famous agricultural institute. This basic form was intimate and good metaphor of community.