Fantasy Tree Families - CODAworx

Fantasy Tree Families

Submitted by Peter Michel


Client: Texas Children's Hospital West Campus

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Peter Michel

Peter W. Michel, Sculptor


Texas Children's Hospital West Campus

Art Consultant

American Art Resources

Industry Resource

Almy and Associates

Industry Resource

Ad Display Sign Systems


Page Southerland Page, Inc.


The work consists of 3 groups of colorful aluminum abstract “tree families” distributed on the grounds of this children’s hospital. There are eight 4’ wide modular units ranging is height from 3 feet to 10 feet.


The goal was to add an element of joyful color and whimsy to the outdoor hospital campus and provide the suggestion of a caring family unit: Mother and child, Mother father and child. The intention is to create a focus on a positive, playful and hopeful spirit and off the worries and discomfort associated with illness.


After she saw examples of my work, I was contacted by Jessica from American Art Resources who asked if I could do trees. This followed by a process where a succession of designs were presented on a special website created for the purpose. A modular system of abstract trees was developed with suggested colors and arrangements. Then there were a number of iterations where the module, the arrangements, the scale, the connections, unit heights, site locations, colors were modified based on the feedback from the hospital’s art coordinator. When the design was established, further refinements were made following the engineering studies and suggestions of the fabricator. The fabrication, concrete foundations, and complete installation were completed by one local company: Ad Display Sign Systems.