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Mischief Manor at Harvest Nights

Client: Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Art

Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Historical guidance regarding the Lilly family house and grounds.

Jonathan Berger

Newfields Museum of Art, Indianapolis (IMA)

Director of Photography, Chief Innovation Officer

Kevin Winkler

Blockhouse Studios LLC


Blockhouse Studios creates immersive projection mapping experiences. Blockhouse Studios created a projection mapped installation at Newfields Museum of Art called “Mischief Manor”. The immersive experience includes holographic scrims, and ten Epson laser projectors. This installation is projected on the historic Lilly House mansion, a 20th century country estate located on the Newfields Museum campus. With 16K and 20K lumen projectors and a 5.1 surround sound system, The Mischief Manor show transports viewers back in time to experience what the house may have been like during a party in the 1930’s. The show takes a spooky turn when the house becomes enchanted by ghosts, ghouls, and a well-known statue that graces the surrounding gardens.


Our goal was to turn the location into a work of art by bringing together this historic setting and the latest technology in a delightfully spooky month-long installation. By working with the Indianapolis ballet, integrating original cinematography, special effects and lighting, Blockhouse and all that were involved were able to create a truly magical experience for the community, transporting guests to another time, and delivering an immersive and beautifully haunted "art as place" outcome for all ages.


Blockhouse worked closely with the Newfields staff to develop a show that would appeal to not only their patrons, but also the larger community. Aside from funding the project, Newfields also provided logistical support and provided the space for filming the ballet. Blockhouse also partnered with the wonderfully talented Indianapolis Ballet, who provided the gorgeous costumes, choreography and dancers that are the stars of the show.

Additional Information

Blockhouse Studios specializes in creating bespoke content tailored specifically to clients' needs. We achieve this by working closely with clients to achieve their vision through historical research, theatrical storytelling, and leveraging unique technology solutions. For the haunted mansion effects, Blockhouse Studios worked closely with the Indianapolis Ballet and filmed them on a green screen, which was then composited into the final show file. Unlike most production companies, Blockhouse creates all original cinematography for their productions. Another unique aspect of this project was the creation of the ballroom inside the Lilly House Mansion. Although the ballroom had been remodeled over time, we were able to recreate it as it may have appeared during the era in which the show takes place. By utilizing a technique called photogrammetry, which involves taking thousands of pictures of the interior, Blockhouse was able to create realistic 3D models of every room in the house. This technique allows us to make it appear as if the exterior wall has been removed, revealing the actual interior of the historic house.