99 Faces Project - CODAworx

99 Faces Project

Submitted by Lynda Cutrell


Client: Museum of Science

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Lynda Cutrell

Industry Resource

Dr. Bruce Cohen

McLean Hospital

Industry Resource

Dr. Rae Simpson


Louise Michaud


A new perspective on mental health, 33 people on Schizophrenia spectrum, 33 people on BiPolar spectrum, 33 people who love them. The media shapes much of what we believe about mental illness. However the are millions of individual living productive lives with these symptoms, from every walk of life and every ethnic background. The project needs 75 ft of wall space.


Several pieces of art that aim to shift perspective are include in the exhibit, sculpture, photography, video and art work. The works take the viewer through a journey of art and science, and add the personal perspective of 99 individuals stories.


The artist is working with a prominent doctor from the Boston area, his lab research team, and an scientific journalist. The works translate research papers in the area of mental health into imagery with easy to understand information panels.

Additional Information

The venue of a science museum gives us the opportunity to invite public schools and colleges to engage in a new discourse on the theme of the spectrum of mental health.