Facebook Office Amsterdam, Facebook A.I.R program - CODAworx

Facebook Office Amsterdam, Facebook A.I.R program

Submitted by Joris Kuipers

Client: Facebook

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Joris Kuipers



Artists have always played the role of storytellers by connecting people to culture and new ideas, and Facebook’s Art Program inspires discovery and empathy by inviting artists to experiment and pursue ambitious projects in our global spaces. People are at the center of our work at Facebook, and working alongside art that emphasizes the handmade and shares personal stories is a way to constantly remind ourselves that our work revolves around the human experience. Art is at its best when we build connection by seeing ourselves reflected in something outside of our own perspectives. Kuipers’ work spirals and twists off the walls, so these are neither paintings nor sculpture. The colors are awesome, energy loaded and all a register higher than expected. Building multiple paintings on paper & card, Joris literally tears these apart and rearranges the layers of torn strips to reconstruct a new image. Joris ignores all rules, expectations and conventions – he is a true hacker.