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Fabric Bed

Submitted by Graham Kelman

Client: Frank Prisinzano + Arina Prisinzano

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


The New Motor

The New Motor


Fabric Bed is a sculptural bed installation that applies an architectural approach to furniture, creating a fluid gesture in hardwood. Commissioned by chef Frank Prisinzano and Arina Prisinzano for their NoHo home, the desire for balancing hardness and softness was one of the drivers for the piece. The execution resulted in forms inspired by draped fabric translated into thick slabs of white-oak. The 10’ tall headboard and platform was subtractively designed where the wood contours flow into a large mirror surface.


The goal of this bed was to express passion, eccentricity, and sense of wonder as personified by the client Frank who commissioned the piece. A bed is the most intimate piece of furniture, and therefore the goal was ultimately to act as an extension of his personality.

Additional Information

The effect is reflected in a single piece of 8’x 6’ mirror suspended overhead, amplifying the effect and making the small bedroom feel larger. Fabric Bed also houses a range of functions including integrated lighting for the space, pivoting reading lights, flexible storage that converts into dining surfaces, and a sound system nested within the base.