Fable of Reinvention - CODAworx

Fable of Reinvention

Submitted by Sean Hennessey

Client: Shunpike.org

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Sean Henneseey

Project Manager

Hanako O'Leary



Glass, Paint, Wood, LED. 26″x14’x6″

The pandemic instilled in me a need to create brighter, more optimistic work, both for my own sanity and my desire to make art about the world I wanted to live in. A Fable to be a guide. A Myth to hang on to some kind of hope. A Beacon to aid in safe passages. In creating the piece, I was thinking about changes our society was undergoing during the pandemic , and the hopes of the way it could change for the better. It’s meditation on the hope that we may emerge better than we were before, to rectify our injustices, to be better to the environment, to be closer to our friends and loved ones. To strive toward becoming our truest selves. To overcome. A glimmer of freedom. All within this, I wanted to express the importance of perspective and how our vantage point really determines so much. For me, thats the feeling of walking past this piece and seeing the colors change as you change your perspective


The goal of this project was to utilize space designated for temporary public art projects.


This temporary public art exhibition, "Storefronts" was organized by Seattle based Shunpike.org.