Light Touch - CODAworx

Light Touch

Submitted by Pamela Heller

Client: Menorah Park Foundation & Peter B. Lewis Aquatic Center

Location: Cleveland, OH, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Pamela Heller


Menorah Park Foundation & Peter B. Lewis Aquatic Center

Art Consultant

Kathleen Coakley


Commissioned by the Peter B. Lewis Aquatic Center and the Menorah Park Foundation, a series of photographs based on the theme of water were selected for Wiggins Walkway, the corridor connecting several senior living facilities to the Aquatic Center. #light #collaboration #water #health #beauty #healthcare


A group of corridors connect the Menorah Park facility to the Peter B. Lewis Aquatic Center. Daily residents, therapists and visitors travel through the passageways determined to reach the Aquatic Center where many immerse themselves in the pools to experience something restorative. Dreamy or spiritual, adventurous or meditative, water is always empowering in some way. The symbol of life, the therapeutic qualities of water are endlessly giving, reaching deep inside the psyche.


Collaboration between residents of the senior living facilities and their relatives was key to the success of this project. To celebrate the Menorah Park community, I invited residents and their relatives to playfully engage with one another in a choreographed sequence in the swimming pool. Using light, random droplets of water and human interaction, Light Touch celebrates community, cleansing, transformation, touch, joy, and beauty.

Where there is water, there is life. #light #water #collaboration #photography