Exultadagio - CODAworx


Client: San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Location: San Francisco, USA

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $270,000

Project Team


Daniel Winterich

Studio Winterich


Cathy Simon

Perkins + Will


“Exultadagio” includes prismatic glass fins on the south façade of the modernist, six-story addition to the historic San Francisco Conservatory of Music building. In each fin, a thin strip of dichroic glass projects colored light onto the building façade and into the conservatory classrooms—to the delight of students and faculty. The ornamental purple and yellow light beautifully contrasts with the historic structure’s traditional painted terracotta cladding. Philosophically, the Conservatory emphasizes the importance of performance and requires students to perform almost daily. In keeping with this philosophy, the glass facade of the building creates a daily performance in light and color.


Fulfilling the public art requirement for private development in San Francisco, this glass curtain wall of the music school includes 8” deep horizontal and 10" deep vertical glass fins designed to modulate light across the facade of the building and within the classrooms. “When you look at Daniel Winterich’s work, it’s difficult to imagine the building without his piece,” said John Long, Associate Principal at Perkins Will. “Unlike many public art pieces, his contribution is vital to the completion of the architecture.”


On its website, the San Francisco AIA describes the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in this way: “This new home for the oldest music conservatory west of the Mississippi combines contemporary architecture with an existing beaux-arts façade. The facility is a physical metaphor for the Conservatory’s mission to preserve the classical repertory while exploring musical innovation.” Perkins Will and Daniel Winterich used this statement by the Conservatory as the starting point for the architecture and public art.

Additional Information

The San Francisco AIA presented this project with a Merit Award in 2010.