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Everybody’s Whole Foods Store

Client: Everybody's Whole Foods Store

Location: Fairfield, IA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Liz Howard

Liz Howard Graphics


Paul Praither

Everybody's Whole Foods


Something good started in the produce section. With my own ‘farm stand chalkboard style’ I created these many layered collages in Photoshop. At first the owner wanted big fresh produce banners 16′ x 32″ banners to add directions and cheerfulness. The first two large banners hang above the produce section. We moved on to create many more fun banners: for Dairy, Bulk Foods, Breads, Coffee and Teas, Water and THEN banners for the Seasons, Holidays, and for the adjacent Café. The client was an enjoyable collaborator, he would toss out fun ideas and I would get to work adding them to the designs.


The goal was to immediately label the sections of the store and to establish a sense of liveliness and a cheerful feeling for the store. There came many more banners and we really did make this into a happy community food store. (It had been a very boring cement building.)


The artwork was created in Photoshop. They are printed on textured vinyl canvas and stretched like artist canvas on a wooden bars. The first banners were created in 2014 and we are still adding more even now.