Submitted by Eve Shepherd


Client: Winchester Cathedral

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral


Father John Wall

Moulscoombe Church


Eve Shepherd


Personal Brief: To create a free standing interior/exterior piece, which could be placed on any ground surface safely and without damage. This maquette large enough to stand alone and create a powerful sculpture in its own right and give an impression of what the much larger 1.5 life size work would look like.


To create a piece of sculpture to inspire hope and 'Faith' in the viewer. Designed with those who are in a transitional point in their lives and are in need of comfort. This piece has already found temporary residence in Winchester Cathedral, Guildford Cathedral, local churches, libraries, community centres, sculpture gardens and galleries. I would like to place the sculpture in a Hospice setting.


This was a self funded, self driven project, which I made because I felt the message offered was needed. It is non-denominational and doesn't affiliate with any particular religion, however the piece borrows symbolic meaning from several spiritual arenas. The piece is available for hire at no cost other than expenses. A cast of the maquette is available as an edition of 7 in bronze with a white finish. Please contact me if you would like further information.