Evanston Odyssey - CODAworx

Evanston Odyssey

Submitted by Jill King

Client: Lorraine Morton Civic Center

Location: Evanston, IL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $15,000


Created three suspended sculptures for my hometown Civic Center. I submitted/created concept sketches for a 74” W x 71” D x 606” H stairwell. My concept was to create three suspended, twisting sculptures that would include a colored light feature to illuminate the alcove.The sculptures are formed out of thin welded steel, sewn fabric coated with acrylic gel, pigments and LED lights- with adjustable colors. I wanted to keep the artworks light weight so that they could float seamlessly in the stairwell.


The goal was create a permanent sculptural installation that would embody my journey as an Evanston resident as well as bring to life, a dark narrow stairwell. The City asked me to include a light feature which was a new and exciting challenge. I chose to create three visually connected pieces- since the stairwell was high and very narrow. In addition, the artwork had to remain light weight, and incorporate color. The colors I chose for this piece tied in with the surroundings. The LED light I chose had an adjustable color dial and I was able to regulate the colors so that they would fade in and out!


I worked closely with the Cultural Arts Coordinator for the City of Evanston. Together, we discussed scale, lighting, color scheme, budget, deadline and install arrangements- which I helped coordinate. My drawings had to be approved by the Evanston Public Arts Council.

Additional Information

I hired a licensed Electrician and Installer to help me suspend the three pieces in the stairwell. Sizes of the three pieces: 1. Smallest sphere- Closest to the ceiling: 2’6”Diameter, 2. Largest Center piece- 3’6”W x 3’D x 9’H, 3. Piece closest to the ground- 2’6”W x 2’3”D x 4’6”H.