Eternal - CODAworx


Submitted by Anne Senstad

Client: Snohetta Architects/BGSU/Ohio State Arts Council Percent for Art Program

Location: Bowling Green, OH, United States

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Anne Katrine Senstad


Bowling Green State University

BGSU, Ohio


Snøhetta, Craig Dykers, Vanessa Kassabian

Public Art Agent

OAC Percent for Art Program, Ken Emerich, Kathy Signorino

OAC Percent for Art Program


Eternal consists of 39 photographic panels based on my photographic series The Pink Project from 2007 based on light and color installations. The artwork placement is in the main lobby of the Wolfe Center for the Performing Arts at BGSU. The Photographs are mounted under OP3 UV plexiglas with aluminum brackets and an additional aluminum support system designed by engineer Brad Rossi. The lobby piece is 27 x 87 ft. Weight : 1 ton.


The artwork was designed to reflect and be in dialogue with the experience of Ohio's horizon and large open skies as well as Snøhetta's design esthetics that often reflect nature; mountains, light snow, ice and water. This lends itself to the art being subtly integrated into the building structure or the building facade. As both the architect firm and i are from Norway, the interlacing vision and minimal style became a natural result.


The collaboration between OAC, BGSU, Snøhetta and the construction team was intense but simultaneously smooth. All parts of the process had enough time to iron out any kinks, goodwill from all parties to do so and work towards the common final goal.

Additional Information

As an artist it is wonderful to see one's work on a large scale and integrated into such a beautiful and elegant building. The light that enters into the lobby space changes with time of day, and the yellow centre of the artwork changes with it, becoming a sunny horizon with artificial lights ,while in daylight, the piece is experienced as a softer presence, enveloping the visitors in the lobby. To engage in construction, engineering, long time planning, law/contracts for a project of this scope is a great way to utilize all ones capabilities - and more.