Estuary AUG 2014 - CODAworx

Estuary AUG 2014

Client: Maine Arts Commission

Location: Scarborough, ME, United States

Completion date: -000

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


Michele Gutlove


Michele Gutlove

Art Consultant

Jeffrey M Hoover


Installed in August 2014 at the Wentworth School, Scarborough, Maine. The dimensions are 16 feet by 16 feet by 6 feet.


Sunlight is reflected and refracted by the surface of the salt marsh water. While striped bass swim below, salt grasses dance in the breezes, and snowy egrets glide in the sky.


The architect and school faculty worked with me in the development of the concept. The contractor arranged for the structural blocking and electrical connections.

Additional Information

Like the Scarborough Saltwater marsh, the installation "Estuary" varies with the changing light.