Estrella Del Norte - CODAworx

Estrella Del Norte

Submitted by White Circle Gallery

Client: City of Bayamon Puerto Rico

Location: Bayamon, PR, United States

Completion date: 2008

Artwork budget: $6,000,000

Project Team


Pablo Rubio


Harak Rubio


“Estrella Del Norte” (“The North Star”) is one of the longest sculptures in the world with dimensions of 616 feet long by 60 feet high. This sculpture was done in a medium of steel, stainless steel, weather resistant cold paint, and finished with LED light accents. World renowned artist Pablo Rubio designed and created the sculpture.


The goal of this incredible sculpture was to demonstrate that the sky is not the limit, that we have the capabilities to create incredible monuments that can inspire thousands. This mesmerizing sculpture still stands as one of longest sculptures in the world and its a staple for the arts in Puerto Rico.


The collaboration process involved many people due to the magnitude of the project. Artist Pablo Rubio made sure to have all parties involved and updated. From day one the artist was present in the project and all parties were blown away with the end result.