Escarpment - CODAworx


Submitted by Forest Boone Studio/Museum Rock Products

Client: Kauai Botanical Garden and Sculpture Park

Location: Kilauea, HI, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $2,500,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Joshua Zabel

Kreysler and Associates

Industry Resource

Glen Kobayashi

Kobayashi Concrete Pumping & Equipment


Forest Boone

Museum Rock Products


Title: Escarpment Media: Intrinsically colored grout over rebar. Size: 136' x 22' x 32'


Goal of Integration #1: to provide context for a Navajo Indian Memorial Importance: crucial, because without it a tropical island is hardly the south-west. Goal of Integration #1: level of convincingness. Importance: very important, because if it failed suspend the viewer's disbelief, the installation would have diminished the "High Art" aesthetic expected with bronze.


Basically, I started with a pencil sketch, then made a 5' model, then a 13' model, then had the x,y, and z axis of that scanned, then had (10) 40' shipping containers of styrofoam mold sections CNC milled (after blowing up the scans of the negative space around my 13' model) by a company in CA, shipped them overseas to Hawaii, set that up, then worked with a contractor and concrete pumping company there to fill the mold and de-mold.

Additional Information

I believe this was the world's most volumess (interior volume) mold-the mold we made in which I cast my piece.