Equilibrium - CODAworx


Client: Cherry Creek Insurance

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Shane Allbritton


Peter Bernick-Allbritton

Project Manager

Michael Gonzalez



A suspended, pointillist sculpture composed of 3,000 large pieces of sea glass, Equilibrium responds to the triangular lobby space. While an equilateral triangle is the strongest structural shape, providing immense support in all directions equally, the form is also a metaphor reflecting the mission of the firm – stability through solutions, support, and reassurance. Forming a cloud-like pyramid with two halves mirroring one another, the datum is defined by frosted white glass composing the top half and frosted sea foam green sea glass composing the bottom half. This creates a subtle illusion of perfect reflection, a balance. Pushing this notion into a dimensional space, the mirrored pyramids also represent not only a partnership, but also a sense of harmony and unity.


The goal was to create a large-scale work that occupied a triangular space without obstructing the natural lighting coming in the windows, but rather to harness it.


We create concepts, sketches, and sketch up models as a point of departure and then work closely with Protolab to parametrically arrange the pointillist composition and locate each piece in preparation for production.