Equilibrium - CODAworx


Submitted by Swanson Stone


Client: Emergency Communication Center

Location: Raleigh,, NC, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Andy Dufford

artist and designer of project, Chevo Studios


Frank Swanson

Swanson Stone, supplied stone cutting services


Equilibrium, 2016. Two arched stone forms- each weighing approximately 12,000 lbs. They are suspended above the ground plane by steel and concrete supports creating a dynamic interplay between the stone's mass and the lightness of air. Dimensions: 15' high x 7' x7'


The goal was to create a sculpture for the new emergency communications center in Raleigh, NC, the piece embodies the combination of readiness and repose required of emergency response personnel,


Swanson Stone contracted with artist Andy Dufford to cut the stone down into pieces that could be handled at his studio. The process required an elaborate timbering system to jig the stone into position to do the initial cuts required. The raw stone was well over 46,000 lbs. which also required an independent rigging contractor to move the stone into position for sawing.