Epiphany - CODAworx


Client: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Location: Urbana-Champaign, IL, United States

Completion date: 2024

Artwork budget: $470,000

Project Team


Justus Roe

Standing Wave LLC

Art Consultant

Sean Starowitz

Digital Rendering

Chris Kalis


Epiphany conveys the beauty and visual language at the intersection of the fields of Math, Statistics and Data Science. The piece is composed of abstract forms influenced by mathematical shapes, arcs, curves and paths. The installation offers a sense of renewal and discovery upon each interaction. Whether walking through a hallway, ascending or descending the spiral staircase, meeting in a lounge area or gazing out of an office window, a viewer might see similar patterns within color or shape. Throughout the day, the change in natural light from the atrium creates a unique filter that shifts the colors, shapes and patterns into a completely different viewer experience. Epiphany consists of wall mounted and suspended sculptures that guide viewers up and through the atrium, highlighting the collaborative lounges while acting as a unifying visual language, pattern and concept across each department floor. Epiphany visually represents the building as home for the Math, Statistics and Data Science departments, seamlessly within the architecture and design of Illini Hall.


Epiphany is a physical manifestation of the eureka moment. No matter your level of expertise, field, background or training, we all can relate to having a breakthrough moment when faced with a challenge. Through the aesthetics of improvised abstraction, mark making and color field, the piece inspires people to achieve that moment of breakthrough.

Epiphany will draw people’s attention to the atrium and contribute to the place-making and belonging to Illini Hall.
Epiphany represents this collaborative space as an environment where elevating ideas, engaging in fields of study, and critical, creative thought achieves solutions and sparks new ways of seeing and thinking.


This site-responsive work will bring color and reflective light into the most dramatic open spaces of the atrium benefiting student and faculty work and generating appeal to utilize the space. The placement of the suspended works complement the curving path of the spiral staircase, which is both an inspiring mathematical and architecture element. Based on conversations with faculty, Epiphany will explore moments of recursion, patterns, regeneration, self similarity, random walk, trajectory, and forced return.

In my experience, the aesthetics of improvised abstraction presents viewers of all ages and backgrounds with a common foundational language to engage with the artwork. There is no singular view point to fully engage with the work. Because of its abstract nature, the piece is open for anyone to include their own narrative and experience. This familiar visual language will highlight the interconnection between the individual and the collective of the departments and university community.

Additional Information

coming in 2024