Entwined - CODAworx


Client: BLINK

Location: Cincinnati , OH, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Charles Gadekan



Meredith Winner

Building 180

Senior Producer

Catherine Roscart

Building 180


Entwined is a grove of five Africa-inspired trees with raised root tangles to climb and nestle into and a canopy of light cubes with interactive programming. With QR codes placed on the sculptures bring viewers to a webpage to be the ones responsible for the different color lights and strobing effects. Giving people the power to play with the sculpture and feel like they are creating the art they see by controlling the lights. Entwined is a place to gather under shade during the day and to play at night. Entwined is purposely large and welcoming, with intentional space to support many people gathering together. These trees are explicitly meant to be climbed upon, creating a direct physical interaction with the piece of art. It is a place for meeting, gathering, talking, and interacting.


Entwined will draw people in at night and let them stay beneath the waves of light in the jungle gym of roots, creating another social space. Meeting new people and telling them about your personal experience is essential to the festival's social environment. With Entwined, we seek to foster and inspire such interactions.


Building 180 worked with BLINK Cincinnati to bring this sculpture from Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA to Cincinnati, OH for their 2022 BLINK Lighted Art Event.