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Entwined Meadow

Client: San Francisco Parks Alliance

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $170,000

Project Team


Charles Gadeken

Charles Gadeken

Funder; project manager

San Francisco Parks Alliance


Venue partner

San Francisco Recreation & Parks Dept.


Public art partner

San Francisco Arts Commission



Entwined and Entwined Meadow – are large-scale metal sculpted trees and ‘flower-like’ shrubs that illuminate and radiate ever-changing colors. Depending on the event’s desires, Entwined tree or trees, or Entwined Meadow, trees + shrubs, or other flora can be installed at the event to add to the magic, light, color, and vibrancy of the overall event and experience.

The site-specific arrangement of elements in the installation creates paths to be explored, trees to sit under, and constantly changing vistas of light and magic. The magic topography of light and color results in a multidimensional visual experience through coordinated programming across all the sculptural elements.

The sculptures are also interactive, allowing participants to change lighting effects through QR codes. This allows the user to change the sculpture’s color, hue, and lighting sequence for one minute. Entwined Meadow just completed its third winter season in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in Peacock meadow, first opening in 2020 with plans to return annually. Entwined Meadow was commissioned by San Francisco’s leading nonprofit that supports the City’s public parks in partnership with the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.


The project aims to immerse visitors into a magical experience that brings a sense of joy, adventure, and exploration, and an opportunity to build new connections through shared experience. Entwined Meadow debuted in the first year of the pandemic in Golden Gate Park, offering a playful, magical, and safe place to enjoy the outdoors with friends and loved ones.


Entwined Meadow is wholly a large-scale, collaboratively built project, including the artist, several professionals (engineers, programmers, electricians, metal-workers), staff, and volunteers to make it possible.