Entanglement of Hope installed at True/False Film Festival, Colombia, MO. - CODAworx

Entanglement of Hope installed at True/False Film Festival, Colombia, MO.


Location: Columbus, MO, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team

True/False Festival volunteers

True/False Festival

project coordination

Sarah Nguyen

True/False Festival


Amir George

True/False Festival

I Love You markers

Anne Labovitz

The I Love You Institute


Acrylic on Tyvek with grommets, lights and fishing line
Dimensions: 20’ x 40 ‘ x 15’
In Spring 2022, I was commissioned by the True/False Film Festival in Columbus, MO., to create an installation as part of the film festival. Entanglement of Hope was created as a site-specific public artwork in response to the idea of hope and its generative promises for the future. These painted sculptures are iterative and generative and build on my previous work. The notion of hope as a relational construct is central in my work and is reflected in multiple ways, conceptually, physically, and spatially. The concept of hope is not ephemeral or whimsical, nor pedantic or simple, but a considered, serious response to the contemporary condition. Soaring from the ceiling like waves, the billowing work has a sail-like abstraction of color. Light, color, and abstracted are central constructs that I return to time and time again. Hung from the ceiling in a 30’ tall atrium space, this experimental sculptural hang included two 10’ wide x 150’ long paintings on Tyvek. Color from theatre colored lights accentuated the intensity of color in the work. This factiliated an extraordinary experience when looking up when under the work, highlighting the translucency of the work.


Commissioned artwork is one of the staple features at the 2022 True/False Film Festival. In 2022, all of the art installations centered around the theme of In/Visible Villages, or making the unseen visible. The goal of the art installations is to bring ideas that aren't spoken about or widely known to the forefront as a means to inspire connection across communities and evoke hope. My goals included experimenting with the physical space and color as an emotive experience. I am interested in manifesting through abstract art the ideas of hope, in a playful, accessible, and entertaining way. The installation is intended to serve as a gathering place for people entering the Picturehouse, as well as a wayfinding fixture.


The artwork creation process starts with research into a specific theme or intention. After the proposal was accepted, I began to make large-scale work by painting on two 10’ wide x 150’ long paintings on Tyvek. These light-weight paintings, created in the studio, become three-dimensional sculptures when installed. After completing the initial work in the studio, the painted sculptures travelled to Colombia, MO to be installed in a site-specific way–responding to the light and architectural structures. Installation was artist-led with a series of volunteers to create the three-dimensional hang directly in the space. Equipment needed include a scissor lift, wire, tools, lights, and ladders. The artist-led installation is vital to the installation because the process is highly customized.