Submitted by Ride Art Studio


Client: Odessa Arts and Eofficial Enterprise

Location: Odessa, TX, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Jonathan Russell

Ride Art Studio

Industry Resource

Federico Iorio

Sirs Electronics Inc.


ENERGY TREE is a monumental kinetic sculpture that represents the city's abundant natural resources. It stands 27 feet high and moves with the wind. The base of the sculpture represents the layers of the earth. Horizontal bands of light cascade upward, symbolizing energy gathered from below, like a tree with deep roots, rising up to give life to the elements above. LED lighting will circle (or chase) around the edge of each ring to convey the idea of an electron circling around its nucleus. Made out of stainless steel and powdercoated stainless steel with low voltage LED lights and controllers.


When we visited Odessa Texas we quickly realized that the predominant focus of this city is energy production. Our goal was to create a signature artwork that provoked thoughtful curiosity and one that would help bring artistic recognition to the city. This involved integrating the aesthetic of the modern architectural design of the setting (a newly constructed hotel and conference center) along with a narrative that is relevant to the local community. We achieved this by using scientific imagery, combining technology and art, to stimulate a conversation about energy consumption and renewable resources. Our intent is to trigger curiosity and allow for a mindset shift towards the connection between art, science and our daily lives.