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Energy City

Submitted by AJ Freysteinson


Client: Paul Bernhard Exhibits - Houston Museum of Natural Science

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Justin Fortier



For the past two years RabCup has been working on Energy City, a 2500 sq. ft., three dimensional miniature landscape representing the city of Houston Texas. Using cutting edge projection mapping technology, custom content is synced with physical animations to bring the city to life. This little city shows all the ways we use energy to power our world in an engaging and educational way. Energy City is located in the Wiess Energy Hall exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.


Energy City is designed to educate the audience in the basic working and functions of energy in and around a city. It was important to create a visually informative while captivating.


PBE, the design company selected to create the Wiess Energy Hall at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, chose to work with RabCup on “Energy City” for their extensive projection mapping experience, inventive video solutions, and project management expertise. Assessing the task at hand, RabCup founders AJ Freysteinson and Justin Fortier immediately got to work on assembling the best possible group of field experts to help create this masterpiece installation.

Additional Information

The exhibit features 30 minutes of custom content, a five-minute day to night sequence and 8 Science modules. The 6.1 channel audio system with speakers spread across the 80’-wide model create amazing immersive effects. The model features environmental sounds specific to a certain area so that no matter where a viewer is standing, that area will have its own distinct sound. The end result is a stunning visual and audio tour de force, with a new experience every time you walk into the room.