End of the Age of Innocence

Submitted by John Clark



Location: Pinehurst, NC, United States

Completion date: 2005

Artwork budget: $130,000

Project Team


John Kenneth Clark

Industry Resource

Derix Glasstudios

Derix Glasstudios


The project was to create a window in this large Villa in Pinehurst. A typical staircase window. The theme was to be Medieval in style but not in method or technique. The window is 8ft x 3ft. Made from mouth blown Lamberts flashed glass throughout. Extensively acid etched, painted using traditional glass paint and silver stained.


The space was empty, just a sheet of protective glazing. The window transformed the space completely. The level of intimate detail allows both a long view when entering the house and a close view when passing the window on the staircase or from above.


I designed and produced the full scaled drawings. The glass was cut and prepared for etching at the Derix Glasstudios in Germany. I worked extensively on the acid etching and painting of the pieces. The studio assembled the panels using traditional leading methods.

Additional Information

Certainly the most technically complicated work I have ever made.