Submitted by Eric Amsellem

Client: Norfolkarts

Location: Norfolk, VA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $350,000

Project Team


Eric Amsellem

Industry Resource

Heriberto Perdomo

Construction & Engineering LLC


Alin Tang



The materials used for this project have been selected to meet the classic criteria of resistances against weather conditions and maintenance over the long term.
The measures of the project are:
Height: 29.01 ft
Width: 18.37 ft
Depth: 14ft
The general structure is 2 steel beams.
The center of the sculpture is made of polycarbonate.
The structure of the base is made of concrete reinforces the base in concrete is covered with marble. The main character is made on polyester fiber glass.


My approach to materialize this project is primarily visual representation of the main events that allowed African-American children to integrate schools in Virginia.
I created a sculpture that is able to summarize the different steps of the integration of these children using symbols instead of words.
The first of these symbols is located at the base of the Sculpture and represents a broken wooden board in the middle.
This board of broken wood embodies the passage in force of the law, thanks to the fourteenth amandement. This board of broken wood embodies the end of massive
resistance that's why the number 14 appears above.
This sculpture integrates digits to summarize the different stages of this revolution. thus appear the digits 151, and 17 representing respectively the number of
registered and the number of children elected to the examination,
The calvary of these children is represented by the ascent of a climbing wall. To reach the summit or the coronation of the graduation that await for them.
you have asked for courage to illustrate this revolution so do not be surprised to find that the general form of this project looks like a child climbing the hat of the KKK.


The team I work with is composed of qualified professionals.
in general I am responsible for the artistic conception of the achievements.
I have worked for a long time with Alain Tang this resource is able to materialize with the help of 3d computer programs, any of my ideas.
His experience as an architect and artist is also very useful for creating plans and designing projects as a whole.
I have in my team Mr Heriberto Perdomo who is an experienced contractor
  He is responsible for the materialization of the projects his experience in the construction is very appreciable. He also knows all the necessary professionals to carry out any work from A to Z.
For this project we can perfectly create the different elements here in Miami
transport them and assemble them with a Norfolk contractor.

Additional Information

My team and myself, have worked constructively on this project we have created and abandoned many models before choosing this orientation. This project was selected because it is solid, durable, and ethical, it also respects all the criteria that you had imposed in your specifications. We have  also advanced on many details, for example the creation of the central character in modeling. We have already listed the partners useful to realize the entire project.