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Encompassing Mural Project

Submitted by David Vedoe


Client: Private

Location: Taos, NM, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $15,500

Project Team


Private Residence


David Vedoe

David Vedoe Renaissance Studios


These murals are wrapped around the whole house and guest house. Doors and windows are chosen as focal points. In between windows are colorful flowers that blend into the existing landscaping. The artwork is applied as an added layer of perception of the specific building.Year round color and with no maintenance.


The goal was to enhance these buildings by adding painting that portray 3-D wall effects and adding to the style and color. Unassuming door and window features can easily be enhanced and change the whole mood of the environment.


Choosing the style of the project begins with ideas and memories of the clients being discussed and transformed in to a whole picture that can be applied to the project. Visual references are important to create the look and the emotional feel of a project of this character. A dark and covered door under a porch can be transformed by a travel memory of colonial architecture in Central and South America. Faux painted trompe l'oeil walls with flowers can make the overall appearance of the building look bigger. A hot tub area is adorned with a waterfall/birdbath and add a more exotic flavor. Arches and niches can easily be added as focal points or backdrops for for painted images even in areas with little room such as passageways hereby making them seem larger and roomier.