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Emory Winship Cancer Center

Submitted by Cat Tesla

Client: Emory Winship Cancer Center

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

President/Creative Director

Barbara Harriman

Distinctive Art Source

Art Consultant/Project Manager

Aubrey Thorp

Distinctive Art Source


Nature based abstract art for the new Emory Winship Cancer Center in midtown Atlanta. Each floor of the new cancer center has an inspirational image and this was used to source the palette for the artwork. The inspirational image for the 5th floor was a photograph of water, with light reflecting on it. Shades of blue, teal, golds, and hints of green were the basis for the palette. I was commissioned to create two pairs of paintings – 4 larger scale paintings on birch supports (2 @ 60″x60″, 1 @ 30″x134″, 1 @ 30″x72″) – that would flank each side of the 5th floor. The 5th floor of the cancer center is the cafeteria and a lounge area for families and caregivers. Two paintings flank the cafeteria and two paintings flank the lounge area.


The goals for the commissioned artwork were to bring some color into the space, yet have the paintings feel restful and meditative. Distinctive Art Source proposed decidedly different local art themes on each floor, each fitting the description of soothing, abstract, healing art.


As one of the commissioned artists, I had numerous phone calls with Distinctive Art Source who is the art consulting firm in charge of the project. Distinctive Art Source sent detailed drawings and schematics of the space, along with the selected Pantone colors for the palette, and details on the theme for the 5th floor. As I was working on the paintings, I sent in-progress photos for feedback.

Additional Information

This was a monumental project for me because I was treated for breast cancer at this same cancer center one year earlier!