Client: City of Sculpture

Location: Hamilton, OH, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Hunter Brown

Innovative Sculpture Design LLC

Fabrication Assistant

Chandler George

Innovative Sculpture Design

Fabrication Assistant

Richard Whaley

Innovative Sculpture Design


Embrace is a modern stainless steel sculpture standing 25’H and spanning 16’D. The piece was installed in October 2020 as the 20th anniversary sculpture, awarded by The City of Sculpture Program in Hamilton, Ohio. The forms wind around each other as the extrude upward and link into a not like form, embracing one another.


We wanted to create a piece that spoke to the idea of strength, community, and love. The Embrace design is iconic for how beauty can be created when we embrace one another and work together.


Innovative Sculpture Design was selected as a finalist for the 20th anniversary sculpture award for The City of Sculpture. We proposed a series of designs with a similar message and the Embrace' design was selected. A year later the piece was completed and erected at the selected site at a prominent intersection in Hamilton.