Art Walls, Public Art Installation

Submitted by Anne Marchand



Client: Crystal City Business Improvement District

Location: Arlington, United States

Completion date: 2008

Project Team


Anne Marchand

Anne Marchand Studios

Public Art Agent

Crystal City Business Improvement District

Industry Resource

Dodge Chrome


Gould Property Company


Hyatt Regency Reagan National Airport


Ellipsis, courtesy of Anne Marchand, takes twelve of the artist’s most colorful abstracts, enlarges them onto ten-foot square Dibond panels, and mounts them onto the back wall of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Clearly visible from the Concord Residences, the vibrant work adds flavor and spirit to the area.


“Crystal City is a gallery and the area’s walls are the canvases,” said Angela Fox, President/CEO of the Crystal City BID. “Art Walls showcases uniquely designed work in a manner that leads to fun, whimsical, and interesting spaces and creates enthusiasm among Crystal City’s guests, residents, and employees.”


This Corporate Art Wall is a partnership involving Gould Property Company, the Airport Hyatt, and Concord Residences through the Crystal City Business Improvement District. The artist worked with the BID to curate and license a selection of twelve paintings for enlargement and installation on an outside wall of the Hyatt Hotel. The artist worked with the printer for digital quality control of images. and was onsite to oversee installation of the work.