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4 Elements

Submitted by Carina Rocha


Client: Lumina Light Festival

Location: Cascais, Portugal

Completion date: 2014

Project Team



OCUBO Criativo Lda


Nuno Maya

OCUBO Criativo Lda


4 Elements presents how a physical occurrence can be felt, touched or perceived, confronting the audience with the characteristics of each of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. The beauty and physical qualities of these elements were interpreted and personified by dancers from the National Ballet Company, aerial circus performer and synchronised swimming dancer.
Expressing the relation we have to each of those elements, the performers interact with the architecture and bring to life the facade of the building with an original sweeping sound composition.


4 Elements it's a video mapping show that explores the characteristics of the 4 elements: earth, water, fire and air. The qualities of these elements were interpreted and personified by real artists (dancers and performers). In this video mapping we see how the 4 elements interact with each other, in a loop, just like in real life.
The technology of video mapping uses light to explore architecture and environment as a canvas.
Europe’s Ocubo Company used 360º immersive video mapping projection to convert the facade of Pestana Cidadela Cascais – Pousada Historic Hotel & Art District, using each of the 4 facades for each one of the elements, combining them all.
Virtual dancers interact with the architecture and bring to life the façade of the building playing with its lines. The projection included animated flames engulfing the building in perfect symmetry with its architectural features, complete with amplified sounds of licking flames, howling winds and dripping water all set to an original orchestral soundtrack.
Since it is a 360º immersive show, the viewers find themselves involved and taking part of this great show.


For this project Ocubo counted on with his multimedia and production team.
Beside his team, 4 elements had the collaboration of the artists: Kari Kola for the lightscapes, Sylvain Moreau for the multichannel soundscapes, two dancers from the National Dance Company of Portugal, one aerial circus performer and one synchronised swimming dancer from Portugal.
Alongside the studio shooting and production of the video with the dancers, Ocubo director also did underwater shooting with the crew inside the water, so the viewers have a more realistic feeling of this element.
All this team effort combined put together a memorable show.

Additional Information

OCUBO is an international reference in video mapping and interactive projections with projects all over the world. Their artistic installations and shows contributed to some of the largest International Light Festivals, UNESCO World Heritage sites, monuments and other public places, including major cities like London, Sydney, Paris, Lisbon, Singapore, New Orleans, and Amsterdam... With a constant focus on communicating with the audience, they turn the spectators into active participants introducing interactive and participative art into public space. Combining quality of execution, emotion and creativity, OCUBO endeavours to deliver the best shows adapted to each particular context.