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Elements of Discovery

Client: GSG Development

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $55,000

Project Team


Niki Glen

Niki Glen Studios


Helen Helwig

Helwig Studios


Nine sculptural walls created at The Park at Spanish Ridge courtyard, a premier office park, in Las Vegas NV at 8930 Spanish Ridge Ave. Built with fused glass, handmade clay mosaics, stucco, and lighting on block sculptural forms, created to reflect the geometric representations of the early twentieth century modern art style. The designed plaza included mosaic murals on freestanding sculptural walls, with stylized references to nature, pedestrian walkways, green spaces, landscaping, etc.


The goal of the art commission was to create a bridge between the community and the environment. The project was designed based on the interaction between the materials used and the existing environment, taking advantage of the constant variations the sun creates as it moves across the sky. This play of light and the contrasts created represent not only the constant pulse and rhythm of life, but also the relationship between mind and matter and the duality we find in nature. The glass pieces in this outdoor setting become ever-changing and alive as the sun illuminates them, creating a special effect, adding a new dimension or layer to the project and new experiences to the observer.
The projected shadows cast by the sculptural walls, using the same principle, were utilized to redesign the surrounding spaces, interacting in new ways with the forms throughout the day, changing the environment as the visitors walk around.
The theme of duality and opposites is always present, playing with colors, textures and temperatures; the management of light and the interaction between distinctive layers and levels.


Elements of Discovery was designed and created by Niki Glen, Helen Helwig and Janine Barbour. Local artists and residents collaborated with professional artist Niki Glen and her team to create this project. She worked with the community to understand its interests and needs. Niki Glen Studios always utilizes a unique way of gathering the information needed to create pieces of art that engage the community. By continuously checking in with the community members, Niki Glen Studios insures a high quality project that people enjoy and revisit, art that has a meaningful and relevant connection to them. The themes will always resonate, keeping the interest and engaging the public.
The addition of the site-specific artwork will transform an ordinary place into an extraordinary place.

In this way, the art piece is reflective of the individual and collective community that encompasses the area, making Elements of Discovery a city landmark. Artist/designer Niki Glen worked closely with the owners/developers, subcontractors, and construction professionals including architects and landscape designers.