Elemental Skytower - CODAworx

Elemental Skytower

Submitted by BLANK SPACE


Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Rob Mulholland

Artwork Consultant / Advisor



Elemental Skytower is a 35 foot tall stainless steel sculpture designed by Rob Mulholland for a real estate development in Texas. BLANK SPACE worked hand in hand with the client, artist, and fabricator to coordinate the work’s design, production, transport, and installation, and to ensure all parties satisfaction upon the delivery of the work.


Elemental Skytower is a landmark and focal point for the southern entry point to a new community in Dallas, Texas. We were approached to find and propose artists who would be able to make a monumental sculpture to welcome people to the community while also becoming a focal point of the scenery.